“My own healing using the Emotion Code® has been transformational! I credit the Emotion Code to becoming strong enough to leave a terribly abusive marriage that lasted 15+ years, in healing from it, in finding my inner strength, in learning to love myself first, and in manifesting the life my kids and I have now!

“I’ve released my Heart-Wall® and have become much more aware of how I feel when I have Trapped Emotions. I have learned about my Chakras, have been able to see a future for myself where I saw none before, and have been able to help my children release Trapped Emotions surrounding the divorce and from insensitive and invalidating things that their dad says and does.

“I’ve found a new clarity in trusting my intuition and clairsentience, have pursued things I’d only dreamt of pursuing before, and have even found true love in a soul mate after such traumatic experiences in my marriage. I’ve made a new career path for myself, strengthened my relationships with God, with my family, with my children, and with myself.

“I firmly believe in both the Emotion Code and the Body Code™ being necessary in the healing from abuse, PTSD symptoms, hormonal imbalances, and from emotional trauma in general. My edema symptoms are requiring less medication to manage and I’m able to see a future in healing, physical fitness, leadership, love, and life, where I couldn’t see any farther than the next day before!”

~Heather L. Costigan, Pennsylvania, USA

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