“My friend, Connie was dog sitting and the dog became very ill. He wouldn’t eat, drink or go outside for over 2 days. She took him to the veterinarian two times in two days. The veterinarian never could figure out what was going on as his labs all came back normal.

“She then remembered when I did her Emotion Code® session, and how some people work on horses and dogs, so she called me. I told her to release sadness, sorrow, grief and loneliness. She also released trauma from his mouth. We’d had bad fires out here a few weeks ago. Testing revealed that the fires affected the magnetic field out here so I had her restore his magnetic field. Within a few minutes he got up and went outside. Then he started drinking and in a few hours started eating. He is back 100%. Connie is now considering taking the Emotion Code Certification program.”

Annie Schaberg, California, USA

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