Can something seemingly irrelevant from childhood shape a person’s life?

“Hannah, a 24-year-old woman has struggled since 7th grade to get out of bed in the morning. This problem affected her school attendance through the years, her job, and everything, let alone the terrible feelings of failure, disapproval, and disappointment in not being able to do as easy a thing as getting out of bed in the morning. Using the Emotion Code®, we found a Trapped Emotion of Failure. After asking questions to learn more, we found that Hannah was elected as the 5th grade historian for the elementary school. Hannah felt she never completed this job to her best ability and considered it a failure. We released this Trapped Emotion and another one. Hannah reported she immediately felt lighter and could breathe deeper. The emotion had been lodged in Hannah’s left lung. Two weeks later Hannah reported she had woken up early every day since then, without a problem. She even woke up early to exercise!”

~Stephanie A., Utah, USA

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