“I had a Heart-Wall®. I was originally referred to a Body Code™ practitioner in 2018 for test anxiety stemming from a need to be perfect and so much more than I hadn’t even realized. I remember my first appointment being very emotional. The practitioner released my Heart-Wall and all the Trapped Emotions™ along with it, and as she did it she was able to feel the connections from past relationships, past events, past traumas and know details about those things that a stranger should not have been able to know. I remember being shocked and amazed by that. Whatever apprehension I had towards the Body Code immediately went away.

“Since releasing my Heart-Wall, I have been able to control my test anxiety, I have been able to come to terms with having an eating disorder, seek treatment, and overcome it. I have been able to form lifelong friendships, set healthy boundaries with people, and have the confidence in myself to pursue becoming an Osteopathic Physician. I still see my Body Code practitioner regularly and have felt the life changing impacts it has had on me. Before ever hearing of the Emotion Code and the Body Code, I had already been familiar with muscle testing and being able to use intuition to feel energy. Deep in my heart, I feel I have the ability to utilize the skills taught in the Emotion Code to truly make a difference in people’s lives.”

~Rachel K., Ohio, USA

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