“My friend Mary came to me because she thought she was going to have to cancel her long awaited trip to Europe. Her neck was in such pain that she didn’t think she could handle the long flight. Her chiropractor and medical doctor were not able to help. She was willing to try anything as she was supposed to leave in four days. I did one Emotion Code® session with her which linked her neck problem to a very stressful family event that occurred when she was a young woman. We cleared the Trapped Emotion™ and I asked her to call me the next day to tell me if she noticed anything different. The next day she said that she hadn’t wanted to say anything when we met because she couldn’t believe it was happening, but the pain in her neck was completely gone by the end of our session. She then had her best night’s sleep in months and was still feeling great. Several weeks later I ran into her and learned that her trip to Europe was pain-free and wonderful.”

~P. Scott Stringham, New Hampshire, USA

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