“My 2-year-old daughter was crying from the pain of an earache. I used the Emotion Code® (which is part of the Body Code™) on her and then we took her to the urgent care center. The doctor confirmed she had a middle ear infection and needed an antibiotic. Right after leaving the doctor’s exam room and while waiting for the prescription, my daughter started to sing and laugh. The earache was gone and she didn’t need the antibiotic! She also had recurring respiratory infections and was given antibiotics several times. Her weight was low for her age range and the doctors said she could have asthma. Once again, I used the Emotion Code on her. She has not had any infections since then and her weight is now normal. Another time I used the Emotion Code on my 5-year-old daughter when she had a sore throat, cough and fever at night. By the next day, she was doing very well without taking any medications.”

~Maha Sarmak, Buckingham, Great Britain

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