“I had a client who had a pain in her trapezius muscle for a year and a half. I performed an hour Reiki session on her and then did the Emotion Code® and released a few trapped emotions. Later on she sent me the most beautiful email telling me that ever since the session, for the first time she no longer had the pain in her trapezius muscle.

“This experience was amazing and got me hooked on wanting to learn more and become certified so that I can continue to help people. The amazing thing that I have found is that when a client first comes in, I test their chakras to see if any are blocked and then I work on opening those chakras. I then do the Emotion Code and in every single case, the emotions that come up are the ones that are related to the chakras that were blocked! Between Reiki and the Emotion Code, all of my clients tell me that they leave my office feeling so much lighter.”

~Renee Lennox, Pennsylvania, USA

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