“I worked with a new client last week who was feeling so drained in the office where she works. She could hardly get out of bed because of the dread of having to go into work. As I was clearing her trapped emotions, she could relate to every one that showed up, ‘dread’ being one of them!

“After the Emotion Code® session, she felt ‘free’ inside of herself with more space within! During the week she reported to me that getting up to go to work was easy and when working at the office, she didn’t feel any dread or feel drained with any depleting energy there. She also had energy to spare for some household projects that she had been putting on the back burner!

“Her cat, who is not affectionate, has been following her from room to room and jumping on her lap wanting attention and affection! I think because her energy field was cleared, the cat feels good being in her company now! She feels good inside of herself! This week we will start removing her Heart-Wall®!”

~Sherri Cousart, California, USA

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