“I read Dr. Bradley Nelson’s book, The Emotion Code®, when it was first published. As a certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner, I am always looking for additional tools to assist people in their healing. I knew the principle of Trapped Emotions was real, and that there was a spiritual component that I experienced firsthand with one of Dr. Nelson’s certified Body Code™ staff practitioners, Connie Barton. While visiting my dear friend Connie, and sharing work, I asked if I could watch and listen to her work with a client via telephone. She was granted their permission, and I got to observe a session in progress.

“I sat across the room, watching Connie go through the Emotion Code dialog for finding Trapped Emotions. I also observed something else that surprised me. Before Connie began the session with her client, she would offer a silent prayer. I could sense we were not in the room alone, that the room felt “crowded.” What was this about? No sooner had the question formed in my mind, but I could “see” a group gathered around and behind Connie as she was asking her client questions. These spirit-beings appeared to be very interested and involved in this process. They were intent on the computer screen she was using and seemed to be guiding her questions. No sooner had the question formed in my mind, ‘Who are these people, these spirit-beings?’ than the answer came quickly into my mind, ‘These are family members who want to help this person to be free of these Trapped Emotions. They have a vested interest in this healing and want to help and guide it.’

“At the close of the client’s session, the spirit-beings departed. Connie began a new session with another client. Again, she would offer a silent prayer on behalf of her client, and again, a new group gathered, watching the computer screen displaying the Emotion Code / Body Code choices. It seemed as if the prayer offered was an invitation to open a way for these interested parties to help guide the way. The numbers of these spirits would vary in sessions. Sometimes two or three of them would appear, sometimes more.

“Dr. Nelson teaches about principles of generational healing and release work and that day I had my own experience of that being true. I have had other experiences with dear friends, as well as myself, where family members who have passed on may work as healing angels to aid the healing process of people alive today. Dr. Nelson’s work is inspired and efficacious! He has found a way to give us all access to the tools that will enable us to heal emotionally and thereby, physically. We are truly mind, body, and spiritual beings. All three must be addressed in order to heal. Thank you Dr. Brad and to your family for making all this possible!”

~Margaret A. Pierson, Oregon, USA

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