“After doing Emotion Code® sessions with people and animals, I witnessed some great changes happening. Most of the people who had physical pain (for example in the upper or lower back) felt much better right after the session. Even people who were a bit skeptical felt the difference in the severity of the pain and have already requested other sessions.

Many people I have worked with report feeling definitely lighter than before, as if they have gotten rid of a heavy load. Most interesting changes happened to Katerina G., whose Heart-Wall® was removed. She reports that she feels like a different person, happier, in love with life and with everything around her. She also used to suffer from a runny nose, which is not caused by any allergies. After a few Emotion Code sessions, she claimed that her runny nose is almost gone, by 90%.”

~Venelina Ivanova Visser, Würzburg, Germany

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