“Ten years after my father died, my mother still had many bouts of crying and extreme sadness. She kept telling me, “I don’t know why I am crying; I have no reason to cry. I have everything I need and lots of people that care for me. I just can’t help these feelings.” I explained to her what The Emotion Code® was and that I had been practicing it for years on myself and that I could try to help her. She agreed to work with me, and during that first session I removed one emotional blockage – shock. After the release, she shared that she felt instantly lighter, and the sadness had dissipated. Over the following months I continued to remove trapped emotions by proxy for her, and also she would benefit from my personal release of the many emotional blockages that I had inherited from her. She is now living a joyful life where she is once again enjoying her painting and gardening.”

~Rhonda C., Canada

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