“The four Trapped Emotions™ that I released from my Heart-Wall™ were anxiety, heartache, defensiveness, and grief. The most interesting one was grief. At the time of the session, I was feeling fine, but the moment I identified grief, I became sick to my stomach. I literally ran to the bathroom because I was incredibly nauseous. After about five minutes, I went back into my office and worked through releasing it from my Heart-Wall. I traced it back to the death of my grandmother when I was in the 9th grade of high school. She and I were extremely close and I was devastated when she passed. I put on 30 pounds overnight and went into depression. I struggled severely with the loss of my best friend. As I worked through the emotions, I reached a point I was able to release it. Once released, the nausea immediately left. As I’ve worked to release many more Trapped Emotions, I’m finally feeling joy in my life again…true joy…and the dark cloud I’ve lived with for so many years is starting to let the light back in. Yesterday a friend commented on how much happier I look!”

~Pamela G., Utah, USA

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