From one of Carmen der Kinderen’s clients:

“For years I had problems resonating with a healthy, romantic relationship. I always tried to make good choices, but somehow would constantly attract the wrong partner, and eventually became discouraged in relationships. I heard about The Body Code™ and I gave it a shot, thinking I had nothing to lose.

“In my sessions, I discovered that I subconsciously thought I didn’t deserve to be loved. I was carrying around a lot of negative energy from past relationships and negative beliefs from other experiences in my life. With each of my unfortunate experiences in love, more baggage piled on, contributing to the problem of attracting the right partner.

“Each time the energies that created these beliefs was released, I felt significantly lighter and had less chatter inside my head. I became clear-headed. In addition to working on relationships, I had my Heart-Wall® removed. Now I feel absolutely amazing! I find myself feeling positive and this extends beyond resonating with the right relationship. I feel lighter and happier every day. I am so grateful to have come across The Body Code and also a wonderful practitioner! I am thrilled with the results and couldn’t believe that I could feel this way again.”

~Carmen der Kinderen, Canada

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