“A 20-year-old man named Mark came to see me for an Emotion Code® session. He was having difficulty dealing with his parents’ emotionally charged domestic violence in which he was often asked to mediate. He was concerned about his father’s verbal and physical abuse, combined with the use of alcohol. Mark has often been very anxious, sad, and depressed. Currently he is taking an antidepressant medication.

“After I explained how muscle testing and The Emotion Code work, we began to release trapped emotions. Mark stated that his worry and fear concerning the situation began to fade. He stated that he was feeling lighter and brighter. As we continued, Mark said that his stomach felt calm and that his muscles felt relaxed in a way that he didn’t think they ever could. Two days later, Mark reported that he had forgotten to take his anti-depressant medication because he was feeling so good, so hopeful, and so free. I asked him to check in with his doctor about his medication and to come back for another session any time. Mark has worked with me about five more times and he is working with his doctor toward the goal to go off of his medication.”

~Rebecca Ann Golden, California, USA

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