My pet dog Jewel always looked so shy and withdrawn, with low self-esteem, so I released trapped emotions, inherited trapped emotions, and a Heart-Wall®. A few days later, I noticed that she had more confidence and begged for attention, whereas usually she would just look at us from a distance and not come right up and let us know that she wanted to be loved. That was so clear that even my daughter said it was so different from her old self.

“The last few times she would only have three pups in her litter. So I did decoding on her and this last litter she had five puppies. Wow, that was amazing. She had a litter of 10 once! She had trapped emotions in her sexual glands.

“Also, I would have pain in my knees and then after decoding the pain went down so that I could go to sleep. My ear was hurting and closed. I released the trapped emotions and it opened up and felt like it was draining. And whenever Jewel’s eye looks infected, I just remove trapped emotions and it goes away. I have done it a few times. Awesome!

~Tina B., Manitoba, Canada

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