“Helping others transform is what sets my soul on fire. I found my calling as a fully qualified Emotion Code® Practitioner. Stumbling across Dr. Bradley Nelson’s work allowed me to deepen my understanding and evolve my life in a new direction. I was feeling stuck and looking for a little direction. I had this inner belief that I could be more and become more, but where to start? The inner work began and focusing on my own thoughts and reactions to certain situations, I realized that I was living in the past and not in the present. One major transformation for me was releasing the negative emotions of creative insecurity. These were negative trapped emotions that I had been holding on to from early school days, and were causing me to feel stuck in my present life.

“From a nervous wreck with no self esteem and little confidence, I have now built successful online businesses and became an Amazon Best Selling Author. I share this with you to help you understand that when you embark on a journey to heal, you open yourself to new possibilities. Life is too short to be focused on negative past experiences, energies, and emotions. It’s time to start living your best life TODAY! I don’t believe we need to work to create the best version of ourselves. I believe she’s already been created, and using modalities such as the Emotion Code, you have the true potential to unleash her!!!”

~Martha Jane Bradford, Scotland, United Kingdom