“I am an osteopath, physiotherapist and yoga teacher. All my time I have spent on the topic of health. I was searching for answers because something is wrong with me. I’ve spend hundreds of hours going to psychologists, flying to the best osteopaths around the world, and reading books about personal development ’til I got to the point that I needed to just be happy with who I am.

“Another relationship breakup caused by a lot of misunderstanding with the man of my dreams caused me to book an Emotion Code® session and finally deal with my Heart-Wall®. It was out of pure despair. The night after my first session, I felt an incredible shift in my chest. I felt toxins were removed out of my nervous system and my stomach moved to the place it belonged all within that moment that my perception on everything changed. I saw a completely different perspective on the things that happened before which were my “faults.” First, there was only anger, and after that a lot of emotions came up. It took me three days to recover, and my body worked on high level. My emotions went up and down. It was so hard to endure through that, that I thought I might need to go to hospital. It was the same thing but not as strong, when we removed the second layer of my Heart-Wall.

“After doing my research, now I know that I had contact to my blueprint. This sounds crazy, but I felt that everything in my body went back to the place it belonged and my nervous system was finally able to relax. I guess I had that strong experience because all my life I had been suppressing my emotions. I thought I was kind of special and resilient.

“I signed up for the Emotion Code course and studied during all of my free time. It was so good for my healing process, and I feel that I have found the missing tool to work with my patients and I have discovered what I want to work with ’til I die! I always had the feeling that I needed to have a tool to use to release emotions from the bodies I work with.

“Everything in my life is changed! Now I can eat everything. I always had the feeling I had stones in my stomach, but I also thought this was normal. The pressure and blocks in my chest and spine are cleared. I can now meditate. Yoga is a flow and I am soft. No tension anywhere. I learned how to feel emotions. I am so grateful, and I know that the suffering is over.”

~Eva H., Wien, Austria

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