“Ann was a client of mine who had back discomfort that would often hit her hard after she went for walks, so she would many times stay home instead of being active. After our first Emotion Code® session, she was AMAZED at how the intensity had reduced. She went for a walk and felt perfectly fine at the end of it. She sent me a message of her excitement and we both celebrated this achievement!

Lynn had a horrible neck soreness that would not go away for a few weeks, no matter what she tried. She had taken medication, tried hot compresses, and even massage, but nothing touched the tightness in her neck. At the end of her Emotion Code session, she said it felt like that strong tension that was there had been released. She felt so much better and was amazed! She also reported that she felt so relaxed afterwards and that the sessions made her feel very peaceful.

Amanda’s cat, Aurora, had been having issues with her respiratory system. Aurora was sneezing a lot, and demonstrated fear and aggression ever since Amanda had housesat another cat. There was added stress because of moving. I did one Emotion Code session on the cat, and afterward she was being more friendly with her cat brother who had previously not wanted to be anywhere near her. The cat’s sneezing also reduced a lot.

Michell said that after her Emotion Code session, she had one of the most euphoric days and woke up feeling phenomenal, like she could take on the world.”

~Brittany K., USA

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