“I got into the Emotion Code® earlier this year. I’d been looking for a way to heal my soul for a long time. I tried everything possible, but nothing helped. I was sad and had almost stopped believing in healing and the certainty of recognizing my purpose in life. This time I wanted to try hypnosis to find and eliminate the root of my unhappiness. The therapist told me that she knew of a better tool and that it was certainly more successful than hypnosis. She introduced me to the Emotion Code and we immediately began to dissolve emotions. I was so excited that my body was responsive. I was so amazed and happy at the same time that I had finally found the right thing to heal on a whole new level.

“Immediately after the first session, I bought the book by Dr. Nelson. After the second session, I began to dissolve emotions myself and then my environment changed completely. My heart became free after the Heart-Wall® had dissolved. Now I can no longer do anything that is bad for me. My body and mind just can’t take it anymore. I broke up with my alcoholic partner, got over the death of my 23-year-old son, quit my job which hasn’t been good for me, found another job by my favorite lake and will be moving in two weeks.

“I don’t know exactly how, but life has given me the opportunity to get certified in the Emotion Code alongside my busy job. It was as if something was waiting for it. It all happened very quickly and now I’m a certified Emotion Code Practitioner. It is my pure fulfillment to help people and animals with the Emotion Code. I have finally found my place on this earth and will take it and follow my destiny. The Emotion Code with certification is the gateway to my new existence. I wish for everyone to be free, or to be able to free themselves, from their burdens.”

~Marion S., Bayern, Germany

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