“I noticed while practicing for the Emotion Code® training that most people were surprised by the accuracy of the trapped emotions in relation to certain events in their lives. In particular, two special people come to mind. One was a lady in her twenties named Tamar who had extreme eczema, allergies, and migraines. After the Emotion Code session, she recovered almost 100%. Only a little eczema still remained on her left hand.

“The other was a 78-year-old woman named Tinie. She was born during the Second World War and had a heavy life story. While we were testing, she felt so relieved that she was able to tell her story. At the beginning of the session, she had extreme eczema on her feet and hands and then she got a huge relief of the eczema on her feet so she was able to walk again. The fact that someone was listening to her as she was sharing her heart also helped a lot. She felt as if a burden had left her.”

~Ria K., Nieuwegein, Netherlands

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