“For years I have done energy work for a trainer with a stable of racehorses. I had previously applied my energy techniques on these two animals before using the Emotion Code®. Horses are like people, you are drawn to some and a few others, not so much. This was the case of the two geldings. They were angry and you had to always be on guard not to get bit, crushed against the wall, or stomped on!! I added the Emotion Code to my work and didn’t mention to the grooms or stable foreman I was doing something different.

“The next month I checked in with the stable foreman and asked how all the horses were doing. She said, “I don’t know what you did to those two geldings, but everyone is starting to love them. They are happy and training wonderfully.”

“One of the geldings went from being a claiming horse to a stakes winner!! Unfortunately the other didn’t have a lot of ability on the race track, but has made a girl a wonderful jumper and companion. He would have had a hard time finding a good home with his old attitude! The “secret” was releasing underlying Heart-Wall® trapped emotions. The grooms and I thank Dr. Nelson for developing this system to help the unhappy animals and the happy ones become who they were meant to be!”

~ Dianne Lukenbill, Washington, USA

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