“I met a lady who had many ailments. I wrote them down and then muscle tested to see which one her body wanted to work on. It was vaginal bleeding. Her doctors said that it was just something that she would have to live with for the rest of her life. Neither she nor I accepted that answer.

“She is in New York and I am in Florida. I started working on her around 4:30 pm on Friday for about a half hour. I released many (like eight) trapped emotions, and then I texted her to let her know I was done. She messaged me back just before 10:00 pm and said that the bleeding had stopped. She said I was a Godsend. I have spoken to her weekly for a month now and it still has not started back!!!

“This work is so amazing. I cannot wait to continue helping people all over the globe. Thank you Dr. Bradley Nelson for sharing this healing method with us and allowing us to share our gifts with so many others throughout the Earth!!! Certification, here I come!!!”

~Tiffany Rudkin, Florida, USA

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