“Shortly after reading The Emotion Code®, I learned muscle testing and started this journey. From the start, some of the Trapped Emotions coming up were from my Heart-Wall®. Some were even inherited. I was amazed to be able to find the age, stage and circumstance of each one.

“At first, I was only skilled enough to release a few at a time, so my Heart-Wall clearing took some time and was a gradual process which started in late 11/2019 and ended with my Heart-Wall officially cleared on 02/2020! During this short period, I noticed that it was easier for me to stay centered and calm. I should note that others would describe me as quite calm and centered already but this is a new level. There was just less tension, less emotional reactivity in all relationships and situations.

“Now it is easier for me to live in the moment and it seems I gravitate toward joy and peace even more so than before. It has also enhanced my spiritual life as I feel an even closer connection to God; it has strengthened my faith. Professionally, I feel my heart was able to have the courage to step out in a new direction that had been calling me. I am not sure that it would have been possible otherwise. I truly feel I am living life with an open heart.”

~Salina R., Florida, USA

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