“I worked with a Body Code™ and Emotion Code® practitioner to release my Heart-Wall® just a few weeks ago. I’ve been aware of the wall for years and recall actively and consciously contributing to the wall from the time I was quite young. At some point it ‘went underground’ and I was less aware of the subtle, but powerful, effect it was having on my life.

“A year ago I had a moment of clarity and decided it was time to remove it and life without the wall was paramount to my happiness and even survival. I searched for everything I could find on walls and was rather disappointed to realize there’s not much written about this phenomenon that afflicts so many. I studied other modalities and works concerning the new science concerning the heart as the seat of consciousness and the vital aspect it plays in one’s physical health.

“Late December 2019 I stumbled upon an interview on Gaia and couldn’t believe what I was hearing about the Heart-Wall. I immediately downloaded The Emotion Code on Audible and listened to it twice – back to back. I also realized I’d downloaded the book a few years ago but for whatever reason I hadn’t connected with it at that time. I guess when the student is ready the teacher appears?

“After connecting with the material, I decided I wanted to experience the technique with someone already proficient at it. I found a certified practitioner on the Discover Healing website. I reached out to her and had two sessions that first week. It was during the holidays – between Christmas and New Year. It is arguably the most stressful time of the year for most, and I’m no exception. The immediate relief I experienced after both of the two remote sessions was nothing short of miraculous.

“The best way I can describe the feeling was that the chatter in my normally busy brain decreased substantially allowing me a much greater sense of peace. I am calmer and more connected to my source energy. I’m better able to remain in the present moment. I’m learning the Emotion Code to continue working on myself, friends, and family, and even the animals in my life. I’d like to be able to share the comfort and relief I’ve felt with others.”

~Ann M., Florida, USA

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