“I’m so grateful that Connie cleared my Heart Wall®! It took five sessions, and I noticed positive changes each time. I felt lighter and was more relaxed. I wasn’t as tense while driving on busy interstates. I became more decisive and efficient, without the need to overthink work situations. I didn’t have social anxiety when I had a unique opportunity to meet up with some parents from my child’s school. In fact, I actually looked forward to seeing everyone.

“Something else happened that is almost unbelievable to me. Out of the blue, I now have a strong desire to watch baseball on TV. Over the past two weeks, I’ve become a big fan of the Milwaukee Brewers and Cincinnati Reds. This may not seem like a big deal, but it is definitely out of character for me. My husband has asked me several times, “Honey, who are you??? Where did this sudden interest in baseball come from???” It’s really funny and bizarre but wonderful too!

“I recently had my annual gynecology appointment, and my blood pressure was 110/80. My blood pressure is usually high at a doctor’s appointment (140/90 at least). So, now I wonder if removing my Heart Wall has positively impacted my blood pressure.”

~Lori T., Kentucky, USA

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