“I have had several Heart-Wall® [layers] removed since May 1st, 2020. I have noticed that I feel more confident and at peace with myself and I am less reactive to things and situations. If I am processing, the time I spend in any kind of upset has been dramatically reduced. I used to get depressed, get really upset or ticked off with the state of my current reality, have suicidal thoughts, or want to leave this planet.

“I now feel that I have a sense of purpose and I am feeling more motivated and inspired. Several of my friends have also noticed a change in me, saying that I hold and carry myself differently. I communicate with more confidence and ease, and they noticed a change in my face which looks more relaxed and at peace.

“The fears and insecurities I had about marketing myself through social media for my business have seemed to have almost vanished. And each day, I am less inclined to be stopped by the negative voice in my head telling me that I’m not good enough. And after releasing a Heart-Wall and a Despair Anchor of “I’m not important” just a few days ago, I enrolled in this [Emotion Code® Certification] program, completed some important paperwork required for me to launch my new career (that I had been avoiding for the last 2 months), and I started posting videos on my social media pages that are real, true and uncut, often with no make up and sometimes even before I brushed my hair.

“The fear of caring what other people think of me is leaving and the voice in my head is becoming less and less convincing. During the sessions that I give to clients and friends, my intuition has become heightened and my sessions have become quicker and seemingly even more effective! I can’t wait for what the future brings!! I am very important because I positively impact the lives of millions of people and animals!”

~Nicole Lehwald, Canada