“After my husband died, we moved into a new home and our kitty started to act so strange. He wouldn’t come near me much anymore and would only occasionally let me rub his head. I decided to try the Emotion Code® on him. I found a Heart-Wall® trapped emotion of abandonment. After releasing it, he laid on my lap for an hour with his belly up and let me rub his belly non-stop, whereas before that he would bite. It was the most peaceful I’d ever seen him. It was the most precious thing ever!

“My 15-year-old son was so sad and confused that I brought him home for schooling. I found a Heart-Wall with a trapped emotion of abandonment from the age of 4, the same time that his father died. Now that it is released, my son is a different boy and such a happy kid! He started a job at Chick-Fil-A the week his Heart-Wall was released. Now he comes home thrilled at how fun it is and how many friends he is meeting! He is now learning to do the Emotion Code himself and loves talking about it with me! My heart is full.”

~Natalie B., North Carolina, USA

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