“I was contacted by a woman who thought I might be interested in a Paso Fino, one of the 37 horses seized by the sheriff department. This was a stallion who had been locked in a stall for over two years, neglected, unhandled, and unloved. He was rescued, gelded, and within nine months, had gone through two different owners. The last one claimed the vet put him on calming medications, but that she was attacked by him in a stall.

“I took one look at this boy and saw great promise. He was not the mean or ferocious beast as the paperwork claimed. I brought him home and did a series of Emotion Code® sessions on him. He was not able to release more than two emotions a day. Within a very short time I had a wonderful, kind, loving horse. He’s only five, and has just been put under saddle. We will have a wonderful time together for many years!”

~Rene Trebing, Florida, USA

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