“I recently just exited out of therapy and Emotion Code® sessions. I am a registered nurse, and now certified in the Emotion Code, and signing up to get certified in the Body Code™. It is so fascinating and intriguing to me how beneficial the Emotion Code and Body Code are.

“I spent the last 8 years of my life looking for answers to my struggles with mental health. I was diagnosed with bipolar, agoraphobia, ADD, major depressive disorder, and panic disorder. I had been prescribed numerous pharmaceutical drugs that caused me to have significant neurological symptoms.

“I could not leave my home by myself, could no longer think well enough to pump my gas, and was forgetting how to get home and would have to use my map on my phone. I was hospitalized in a mental hospital after not being able to sleep for 5 days. Later I found out about EMDR and after much research, I realized I was suffering from extreme emotional trauma. When I would ask primary doctors, the psychiatrist, and neuropsychologist if the anxiety and depression had anything to do with my family dying, they all said, ‘You are bipolar. You will have to learn how to manage the symptoms.’

“I had a spect scan of my brain that showed significant PTSD that I later learned was from my father dying by suicide, and my siblings dying in a car wreck. As I started processing those events, I started getting my childhood memory back and I realized I had suffered from extensive physical and sexual abuse as a child. I tried brainspotting, acupuncture, and neurofeedback and it helped some.

“Then I found out about the Emotion Code. I bought the book and went to a local practitioner. I can say I no longer have anxiety or depression because I processed out the emotions in approximately 17 months with about 90 sessions that included the Emotion Code, the Body Code, and T3. It has changed my life. I can honestly say I am truly happy for the first time in my life. There have been very significant situations in the last two years in my family and I have been able to respond reasonably with loving care instead of having brain waves that cause excessive worry, panic, and catastrophizing.

“I am extremely grateful for this natural healing that gives so much hope to people who are hurting. I have currently been working with about 50 people for free to show them it works so I can establish a business. The ripple effects I see happening to all the people that have so graciously been willing to work with me is amazing! I have a purpose and a story to share. I was told by all my practitioners I would never be well and functioning. I’m not 100% yet, but probably 97%. I have read several books about how the body keeps score and how events we encounter affect us. My goal is to plant as many seeds of growth, positivity, grace, and love and watch the ripple effect of the Emotion Code and the Body Code, one person and one heart at a time. Thank you for this opportunity!”

~Karla Dale, Oklahoma, USA

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