“Yesterday my bottle baby lamb Cupid was not feeling well, so after dinner last night, I did a Body Code™ session for him and was blown away by the number of trapped emotions he released, so much for a baby of only 21 days old!! I thought you’d like to read how his session went which totally confirms that animals have emotions, even newborns. I had been giving Cupid turmeric and colloidal silver the days prior and attempted to give him a tiny dose of antibiotic last night, but the needle blew off the syringe so I don’t think he got any of it.

“Cupid had diarrhea and wasn’t feeling well. Also, sometimes when I would hold him on my lap before bed, his entire body would get really hot. He was bit in the face by Taz (his mother) when I left him with her because he did not want to go with me to feed. He may have tried to nurse her and she let him know that was not an option. And when he was born, his mother did not even clean him up.

“The session included balancing a chakra, misalignments, and the ileocecal valve, plus releasing many trapped emotions, including abandonment, forlorn, insecurity, vulnerability, betrayal, heartache, rejection, crying, sadness, and grief at his birth. After the energy session, today Cupid is back to normal! I love doing this work and am so happy I was able to help Cupid feel better. Thank you for letting me share this with you all. I am submitting a photo of Cupid because this is his story.”

~Cathy Mayton, Texas, USA

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