“I’m almost 76 years old… so don’t give up…it’s NEVER too late!!! I’ve just released my 100th trapped emotion. Most all of them occurred between the ages of 3 years to 20 years old. I’ve suffered from panic attacks and paralyzing fears for most of my life. Of the 100 trapped emotions that I have now released, 25 of them were trapped ‘panic’ emotions! There were times when I thought, ‘I just can’t live this way!‘ Those of you who have suffered through these kinds of horrible emotions know exactly what I mean by this. Needless to say, my life, though not yet where I want it to be, is 100 times better than it was. I’m still releasing trapped emotions. At age 76, I’ve had time to trap many!

“I tried other types of emotional release methods, but none were even nearly as effective as the Emotion Code® method for me personally. I will say this, for I don’t think The Emotion Code book dwelt on this enough, expect some unpleasantness, some emotional pain, great fatigue, and some extreme discomforts at times after releasing. When you’re thinking, ‘I’m getting worse rather than better, ‘ just wait a bit. Once the processing of it is over (and for me, often times it was several days), you’ll immediately feel the change. I’ve been amazed at the paralyzing effect that the accumulation of so many trapped emotions had on me! Releasing them one at a time has saved my life. I’m truly thankful for this. My advice is to be brave, release them, and finally begin to really live!

~David F., Ontario, Canada

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