“I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis a year ago, but it’s been active for many years. AS is an autoimmune arthritis that turns your spine ligaments to bone, giving you a hunchback once it fuses. It also affects every joint in your body and the organs.

“At age 47 after running a race I had a stroke for no known cause. My AS really flared and went into super active mode. I found out I carry the gene HLA-B27 for it. My oldest brother also carries the gene and the disease is much more progressed with him. My pain had reached an all time high and it was difficult to turn over in bed or get out of bed without extreme pain.

“I went to my foot doctor and he found that my hips were off. He did my first Emotion Code® session and miraculously my hips were level afterward. That was the craziest thing! I went home and about a week later it dawned on me that I had very little pain. My pain level had gone from an 8 down to a 1. My bone pain was basically gone.

“It’s been three months since then and still almost zero bone pain. I still have some severe tissue pain and fatigue associated with it due to the autoimmune side. Maybe I can get rid of that as well. It is so interesting and has opened up something I never knew about. My Heart-Wall® and a tear in my spirit were also cleared. Thanks!”

~Susan Rust, North Dakota, USA

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