“The Emotion Code® has been a balm of healing for myself, my family and many clients. All of the clients I have worked with have come to me through word of mouth. My first client was Nate, a 35-year-old man who suffered from anxiety and a kind of eczema that erupted when he worked out or was under stress. As I was still in training for my Emotion Code certificate, I offered my help. We cleared many emotions, and after a few days, he called me from the gym and ecstatically said, “I did not get a rash, and I worked hard! How is it possible?” Days later, he called me back to help him with a backache, which disappeared after clearing several emotions. He again called back to say, “What did you do? My back pain is gone!” I have now received calls from friends of Nate’s asking me to help them with all sorts of issues.”

~Tito Correa, Jessheim, Norway

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