“Upon the disclosure of my juvenile onset rheumatoid arthritis triggered by a rubella vaccine in first grade, my Body Code™ Practitioner asked my body if I had any trapped emotions to release associated with the rubella shot. She cleared only a couple of emotions, which caused her to say, “Usually with a big life event like this there are more than 2 trapped emotions.”

“At our next session, she was clearing a psychic trauma. The two emotions were “lost” and “blaming.” The blaming was not mine, but others blaming me. Needing to know more, we discovered this event occurred around age 12. Immediately a family trip to Disneyland came to mind, during which I was with my mother, siblings, nieces and nephews. I remember being in a huge amount of physical pain because of my JRA. I hurt horribly before even entering the front gate because of the insane amount of walking in the parking lot alone.

“As we went from place to place, my pain level increased and I was dreading the thought that however many steps it had taken me to walk in to wherever I was, I would also need to repeat those steps just to get out. I looked around for benches and found none. Even the curbs were more like slightly rounded gutters rather than something you could actually sit on.

“I have a vivid memory of meeting up with our group, at our 3 o’clock meeting place, 15 minutes late. They complained, “We have been waiting for 15 minutes!” “Yeah, we could have been on another ride by now!” Their agenda was to race through the park as fast as they could and ride as many rides as possible. No doubt my inability to keep their pace was slowing them down.

“After clearing my psychic trauma, my practitioner also found a curse placed by an evil spirit. The intent of the curse was for me to retain, “an inability to have fun.” The curse was released. Several hours after my session I was telling my husband about the release and burst into tears! I had no idea I had been carrying those emotions around for 40 years, but it was TRUE!

“My husband wanted to go to Disneyland on our honeymoon, having never been. I immediately presented all this negative emotion saying, “If you want to pay $75 per person, just so I can wear out in 2 hours and go home, you go right ahead. It seems like a big waste of money to me.” He did. He wanted to go and he wanted to go with me. But he rented a wheelchair and pushed me around the whole park. When I got tired, we went to a restaurant and ate. After I was rested and rejuvenated, we headed out again. Because he was so accommodating, and we didn’t ever have to race to meet up with anyone else, I had absolutely no stress. We ended up leaving the park at 1 AM when it closed!

“I never thought I carried emotional baggage about Disneyland. I have been there with my own kids since our honeymoon. I love Disneyland! But as I told my husband about my release, and burst into tears over it, I realized that I had indeed been carrying negative emotions since I was 12 years old that occurred on the trip with my family. They were present 13 years later when I planned our honeymoon trip. I thought my trepidation was just part of having JRA and learning how to live with it.

“Once those emotions were released I felt a burden lift. Now, when I tell the Disneyland story there are no negative emotions that arise at the telling of it, nor do I randomly feel like crying over it. It’s just a story. I can still accommodate my needs but I’m starting with an emotionally clean slate rather than feeling lost, blamed, and unable to have fun.”

~ Linda Nielsen, Utah, USA

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