“I want to share a story about the significant impact the release of a few Heart-Wall® emotions had on me and how this has led me to where I am today. Years ago, I was seeing a practitioner (Nancy) for a few years at her practice, and she had just newly become certified in the Body Code™. Due to finances and distance (since at that time I was hesitant to distance healing), I had not continued seeing her.

“About a year ago, my sister and I were discussing the different healers and health care practitioners we had seen through the years. We both wished we had been able to continue our sessions with Nancy. Out of everything, we felt the most significant impact using the Body Code. We both had separate traumatic experiences as children due to sexual abuse, and experienced depression, anxiety, and poor health. We were amazed at how much the few Heart-Wall emotions had released, and impacted the severity of our depression and anxiety, helping us to function better today.

“Due to finances, I knew being able to go to Nancy’s clinic anytime soon was out of the question. Still, I was determined to figure out a way to work through the emotional and physical symptoms that were currently impacting my life. A few days later, as I was scrolling through videos on Gaia, the Emotion Code documentary popped up with a video showing how to release trapped emotions yourself. I watched it and started to work on my Heart-Wall myself.

“Because I am a busy mother with many stressful situations, I was not consistent in continuing to work on myself. I would forget all about it, yet something would always bring it back to my attention through a video, a book, or a conversation. When I found the Discover Healing app and website and saw what it took to become certified, I knew this was the path I needed to take. I have known for several years I wanted to help and heal people. I had looked into many areas of natural medicine where I could become certified. Still, I never felt 100 percent certain on any of them for one reason or another until learning about this certification process.

“I have three young children and had to cut back on my hours as a chiropractic assistant. My husband and I have had one thing after another set us back throughout the last few years. I knew I needed to become certified, but had no idea how I would come up with the money. Just before covid happened, my husband got a new job with a real estate company, which was going to turn our finances around significantly, but because he was a new employee, he was unable to work from home, and they let him go. At the same time, my in-laws who we rented from were creating stress and decided they wanted to bring in more money and gave us a notice that they would not renew our lease. So we were then homeless and jobless. My parents took us in since housing is currently very scarce on the island where we live, and having no jobs made it impossible to rent. I was planning to start back to work since my parents were willing to help with my children, but with the schools shutting down, and me homeschooling our 4-, 6-, and 9-year-olds, made that impossible.

“A month ago, I downloaded a manifestation app, and I did the experiences to manifest becoming certified in the Emotion Code. Shortly after, I learned that I could qualify for unemployment, dating back several weeks. The moment I was approved and the money came in, I purchased the course. Some may not feel this is significant, but I genuinely feel this is the path I was destined to take. There were so many little things here and there pushing me in this direction for over 15 years that when added up, I feel even skeptics would have a hard time seeing it as a mere coincidence. I am incredibly grateful that everything fell into place recently to make it possible to do this certification. Without the hardships of losing our home and going on lockdown, and without the government help through this pandemic, it would have been at least a year ’til I would have been able to save enough to do this.

Thank you to all involved with Discover Healing, the Emotion Code, the Body Code, as well as divine intelligence, and the universal laws in place that have helped to make this possible so I can start on the path of my soul’s calling! Thank you!”

~ Katie Eggleston, Washington, USA

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