“The emotion was failure, inherited from my father when I was 6 years old. Dad was tough with me and his motto demanded, ‘If you’re going to do a job, then you do it properly the first time.’ It was very hard to ever get his approval or praise. Consequently I became an over-achiever to quell my fears of failing in life. My vigilance toward attention to detail, getting things right, and covering all the bases, though often helpful and appreciated by others, used up a lot of my personal energy. I often felt very drained by this.

“Since releasing this emotion using the Emotion Code®, I’ve let go of being so hard on myself if I don’t cover all those bases and no longer behave in overly responsible ways. Interestingly, I am no longer having the recurring dream where I have a pet and keep forgetting to buy its food. In the dream I came home at night and berated myself for not having the pet food yet again, then felt extremely guilty and irresponsible for causing its suffering. Because I was so busy berating myself, I didn’t even think to just get back in the car and go to the shops. I am so relieved to not be having this dream since!!”

~Fiona W., NSW, Australia

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