“In 2008 I was living in Mexico and I had been single for over 4 years. I met Mary Ruiz and she had just started working with Dr. Brad. Twelve years later, she was Discover Healing’s organization international connection and speaker all over the world. She visited me and my girlfriend (who had been single for 18 years) and released both our Heart-Walls®. In 5 months I met my now husband of 7 years in an elevator in Mexico! My girlfriend met her now husband online and married just 6 months later. Neither one of us were looking for love, but it found us! The Heart-Wall is a powerful part of this work.

“Fast forward 2 years later. I reached out to God and asked for a purpose in my life. Months later he spoke to me and said he wanted me to be a healer for the next 20 years. I had no knowledge of such a thing. I had been in sales all my life, and at that time, in International Real Estate. I became a firm believer and read The Emotion Code® Book. I got certified in The Emotion Code and went on to The Body Code™ to help families get emotionally and physically balanced.

“I discovered my grandmother had been a healer in Italy. I learned that people stood in line to be touched by her. My daughter Jessica is now getting certified and loves helping people get better. So you might say we are an Emotion Code & Body Code family. The families we have helped are well into the hundreds now. We have donated sessions to the children in Ghana with learning disabilities, the Veterans Administration, the Hollywood scene of addictions, and now moving forward with the survivors of human trafficking. There is nothing more gratifying than being able to tap into the power of God and help people. We are so grateful for Dr. Brad listening to God and putting this work together. God Bless you, Dr. Brad.”

~Cathy Shelton Larson, USA

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