“In mid-November of 2019 I had a new client schedule an appointment with me. She was in her 30’s and separated from a husband who seemed to be emotionally and mentally abusing her. She came to see me for severe pain. She had a history of mild scoliosis from 14 years old. The pain was most severe in her lower back sacrum area, yet she also had pain in her legs, back, and spine. It was making it extremely difficult for her to manage her life and do normal activities. She stated the pain was affecting her negatively (level 7/10), and that she was seeing a chiropractor and getting massages when her body would let her.

“I thought she would need many sessions to clear the issues and emotions energetically. Yet I did my very best to use the Body Code® in a way that would help her tremendously. I worked on the underlying causes to the pain affecting the sacrum area. I found and released emotional resonances, trapped emotions, and Heart-Wall® trapped emotions. I also worked on her feeling better physically and focused on increasing her mobility.

“I checked in with her via text about two weeks later and she said, ‘I would like to see my chiropractor as I haven’t been back to him at all. I know I need to be realigned, but all my pain has gone. Now I want to be adjusted and then come see you.’ I responded with, ‘Okay, pain gone! Wow. Did I help with that?’ She replied back, ‘You did!!! Everything I’m able to do is due to you!! I haven’t been adjusted at all. I know I need to be, but even so, I have no pain.’ My next text to her was, ‘Wwwwooooowww!!! That’s amazing!’ She replied, ‘I knowwwww!’

I really love this work. It was an amazing experience for me to see a client go from 7/10 pain intensity which affected her negatively, to no pain and doing well, all in one session. I really think highly of and agree with something I have heard Dr. Brad say, ‘I just work here.’

“I never really knew how finding, releasing, and clearing a past emotion or an emotional resonance could change someone’s life so much for the better. Seriously, it’s the best part! ”

~Stacey Paydar, California, USA

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