After being a volunteer on our Discover The Emotion Code: Energy Healing 101 webinar on April 16, 2020, Abigail S. sent in this feedback:

“…My pinched nerve and muscle tightness issue has given me lots of grief, to the point of needing constant adjustment, acupuncture, Gua Sha, stretching, etc. and still I would have night spells of intense physical distress and vomiting so I’d have to resort to prescription drugs. My pinched nerve was at a level 10 for intensity. I had been asking God to please bring me well-being. I do believe God answered and used The Emotion Code® energy clearing to provide recovery to my body. My pinched nerve is now at a 0. My muscles have started to relax and stay relaxed and I’m able to eat meals again without feeling sick. I haven’t had any spells since the clearing…”

She continued with, “It was a great webinar. I’m very blessed and I do believe God used this to restore wellness to me. Thank you for taking me as a volunteer! I signed up to become certified in The Emotion Code! I’m very excited!”

~Abigail S., USA

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