“I purchased a beginner course for the Emotion Code®. I watched the videos and started EC-ing myself and my friends. Everyone that I worked on felt an impact. With one person I worked on, we both felt the emotion fall to the floor right before us.

“I want to share the difference it has made in me. My father died when I was 13, a year after my mother didn’t want us five kids any more, so the abuse, neglect, and abandonment started. We went from abundance to nothing. What to do now? Well somehow we all grew up, but not without a ton of baggage and confusion. Please forgive me for the horrible story, but that is my struggle. I clear and more stuff comes up, but I do feel I’m winning. The anger, confusion and anxiety is less, being replaced with positive thoughts and “I can” thinking. When I feel emotional blocks, tension in my chest, or tears behind my eyes, I sit down and do a round of releasing. Sometimes I feel better instantly and other times I have to give the shift a day or two to settle. I find it very much a process where my thoughts have now changed and I walk in the difference of the freedom.

“The Emotion Code is definitely an amazing tool. I do want to learn more, understand the differences between the Emotion Code and the Body Code™ (and how to use them correctly), to remove my Heart-Wall®, and to walk in abundance. That is what the Emotion Code will give me. Thank you so much, Dr. Bradley! You’re awesome!”

~ Rudy Brown Wild, British Columbia, Canada

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