“Claire took a trip with his family to Israel. While on the trip, his son started having major aches in his head. A fellow traveler came up to Claire and asked him if he would be open to him doing an Emotion Code® session on his son. His name was Dr. Nelson. Claire gave permission and his son’s suffering immediately dissipated.

We then went on our annual ski trip. I was getting certified and asking for volunteers to do sessions. Claire came to me privately and told me about his experience with Dr. Nelson in Israel, and then asked me if I would do a session on him. I was new to the modality of “The Emotion Code” but proceeded to work on him. He wanted me to work on some issues he had with money. He shared that his father-in-law and brother-in-law were comfortable with money and successful but he had concerns and didn’t feel he had the same success and wondered if it had to do with trapped emotion. We worked together and one of his significant releases had to do with an inherited emotion from his ancestors. As it was released, he shared some of the trials his ancestors faced leaving behind their wealth in their motherland, challenges of coming to America, and traversing across America. He shared how his ancestors created wealth and lost it in their journey west. We released emotions concerning this from him and his ancestors. It was very spiritual and seemed to flow. He was very aware of his ancestors and their story.

I didn’t see him for six months, but when we connected again, he was a different man. He no longer had issues with money. He had lost 35+ pounds without trying. He was full of happiness, spontaneity, and shared that he no longer had even concerns about money. Flow…. He was flowing with life and joy, and all issues with money seemed gone.

Chica is a 18-year-old poodle that has cataracts and is blind. Her eyes would swell and bother her. In releasing emotions attached to her eyes, we released emotions concerning abandonment. As time went by she didn’t need eye drops and her swelling went down.

We are working on MaryAnn’s Heart-Wall. She is a teacher and had a wonderful connection with students but she noticed that she struggled with her relationship to other teachers. After releasing her Heart-Wall, the trouble she had with the other teachers evaporated like it had never even existed.”

~Nancy N., USA

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