“A young 19-year-old girl had signs of dyslexia. She also had signs of depression starting from early in her childhood. We worked on her Heart-Wall® first, and then she told me more about her dyslexia. She was frustrated of not being able to read properly and even though she had special help from school teachers and tutors, it was to no avail. In just one session, her depression lowered and created a massive shift!

“The two ages that kept coming up were specifically from the time of the childhood abuse. The Body Code™ gives one possible reason for an organ or gland malfunction as a spiritual/physical disconnection. In her case, her physical brain and spirit of her brain were not fully connected. The underlying imbalances were cleared and then they were fully reunited. All of these imbalances centered around her history of child abuse and she recalled the events perfectly within the session.

“The next day she read for the first time without mixing up her words. Her skepticism arose and she purposely read while tired the next day and still she was able to read with no difficulties. On the third day, she read a book with smaller print and still had no difficulty!

“The Body Code is such a powerful system and I am truly grateful I was able to witness such an improvement. I believe everyone should be able to read properly and enjoy educating themselves inside and outside of school. When children lose hope, the whole world loses. We need to let parents know there is a better way to heal.”

~Emanuel Zevallos, Utah, USA

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