“My dad was taken to the clinic with a suspected stroke. During the conversation with the doctor, his symptoms of hand numbness and hesitant speech disappeared. Just at that moment, I had done an energetic remote session with him and released Trapped Emotions™. Three days later, the suspected stroke was confirmed on the MRI. He had had several small strokes, some of them a while before, which is probably why they went unnoticed.

“In the days that followed, I released further Trapped Emotions from him, remotely. Since then, his behavior has changed noticeably to the positive. He had been like a loner and withdrawn and now is much more in his inner center, conversing with other people and is much more relaxed. My mom says that living with him now has a completely different quality. She is very happy about it. I was allowed to work on her Heart-Wall® too. I am very grateful to have found this opportunity and to be able to do so much good for others, but also for myself. Thank you very much for sharing this ingenious method!”

~Emily S., Landshut, Germany

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