“I had a Heart-Wall®. It was 2 miles thick and made of granite. I experienced quite a bit of narcissistic, verbal and emotional abuse both while growing up from my mother and throughout my marriage. My mother was also an alcoholic. Most of what was removed from my Heart-Wall was from my mother and my ex-husband.

“I discovered the Inherited Trapped Emotion of worry that went back 11 generations on my mom’s side. Some other very interesting inherited Trapped Emotions discovered in my Heart-Wall go back six generations on my mother’s side, starting with a woman who lost her husband fighting for the North during the American Civil War and was left to raise three children on her own. Those Trapped Emotions were abandonment, anger, anxiety, worry, blaming, and overwhelm. We suspected that this ancestor resonated with me because I am also a single mother raising my daughter on my own.

“I have definitely noticed a difference in myself since my Heart-Wall was released. I feel more relaxed and not quite so tense. I have noticed I am more able to trust and “let people in.” I’m not as hesitant or reluctant to open up my heart and find love again. I feel lighter over-all.”

~Erin S., Indiana, USA

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