“As part of my Emotion Code® certification, I had a very amazing experience with an animal. The horse “Sliding Pepper” had an injury on his left front leg. Despite veterinary treatment, the leg was warm and pulsating, and the horse went lame for weeks. I asked the owner if I could do an Emotion Code session with the horse as part of my certification. She immediately agreed.

“In the session we were able to clear nine Trapped Emotions™ related to this injury. When we did, the horse yawned and relaxed. He seemed to totally enjoy the session. About four hours later, the front leg was suddenly very swollen. The owner was totally surprised that the leg reacted that way, even though I didn’t touch the leg.

“The next day, the leg was no longer swollen or warm at all. At the follow-up check at the vet with X-rays and an ultrasound, no more injury symptoms could be detected. Now, two weeks after the session, the horse trots lame-free across an uneven meadow without his leg becoming swollen or warm afterwards.

“I am very grateful that I was able to help the horse like this with just one Emotion Code session! Thank you very much, Dr. Nelson for developing the Emotion Code and passing it on to all of us.”

~Carmen S., Baden-Württemberg, Germany