“I was in a state of chronic discomfort and fatigue before working with a Certified Body Code™ Practitioner. My creativity was stalled and I felt numb to life in general. I felt that I had a great purpose for this lifetime, but at 46 years old, I still had no idea what it was and it frustrated me. I felt ‘disconnected’ to everything and everyone around me. The practitioner thought to check for a Heart-Wall™ and discovered that I had one all right… 462 feet thick!

“Since clearing this Heart-Wall, my empathic abilities and spiritual nature have both returned and my creativity is through the roof. (I love writing and making jewelry.) My vibration level is so high that I feel confidence in just about anything I do now. I am more connected to Spirit / Source Energy than ever before and am living JOYFULLY rather than just surviving the day-to-day. I have certainly found my purpose! I am here to help people restore their well-being the way that I did– energetically, mentally, and spiritually, and to prove that it is never “too late” to find your life’s purpose and to begin living it! A really cool side effect to all of this is that I have no more chronic discomfort and no more fatigue!”

~Sharon DeAngelo, USA

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