“Two years ago, I was playing a Swiss card game with new senior friends in a restaurant. During a break we started to talk about health, and I explained what I do in my Body Code™ practice. Joe, who was 80 years old, said right away, ‘I want to come and see you. I have a problem with my left leg and no feeling in the left foot. The doctors say these are “dead” nerves and there is nothing they can do for me.’

“In my opinion, nerves never die, but they are blocked. So, we made an appointment for the following week and see to find out if I could help him improve the left leg and foot. He told me that he had back surgery five years earlier and that’s when it all started to go bad. He needed to hold on to a table to get up from the chair since he didn’t have the strength to get up by himself.

“After reading his energy and getting information from his subconscious, I was able to unblock the Common Peroneal Nerve at the L4 vertebrae and the left hip, improve his circulation, and give more oxygen to the red blood cells from the lungs. Joe was able to get up from the chair without help from his hand holding on to the table! The strength came back to his leg and I was really pleased to help an 80 year old man.

“Afterwards we started to work on his foot. It turned out that Joe had a serious ski accident when he was 28 years old and I found the Physical Trauma still stuck in his body. I released that and there was an additional blockage in the Pineal Gland from a Physical Trauma, so I released that too. I worked on other nerves, releasing blockages and grounded Joe so that he could also get energy from the earth to his feet. He started to feel some tingling in his left foot and got all exited.

“After a couple more sessions working further on the nerves, circulation and even fascia on the left foot, Joe got feeling back in that foot. He didn’t know how to express his joy at being able to walk again freely, and was planning to stroll in the mountains looking for crystals, a hobby he was passionate about.”

~Peter Schalow, France

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