“My friend Natalie wrote to me and expressed that she had developed sudden and intense pain in both of her hips. Assuming it may have something to do with a pre-existing condition, she did what she could to make herself comfortable, even buying a new mattress topper while she searched for a mattress that could offer more relief.

“I offered to check her body for trapped emotions and imbalances. What came up was surprising. Her body indicated that she had an idea allergy that was associated with the hip pain. She had developed an allergy to the idea of loneliness when she was five years old. I released the imbalance and told her I would check in later to see how she was doing.

“Within 12 hours, Natalie wrote to say, “Bless you, bless you, and bless you again! My hip pain is so minimal this morning, and it feels like it’s going away completely! A side bonus is that I can stop looking at mattresses! But truly it’s a huge relief because the pain was sudden and quite severe, and now it’s just as quickly leaving my body. I’m SO MUCH MORE COMFORTABLE!” Both of us were extremely grateful to have the Body Code™ as a quick and efficient tool for resolving this pain. What a blessing!”

~Teresa R., Calgary, Canada

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