“My new granddaughter was only eight days old when she was found to have a problem with her heart. She was rushed into the hospital and put on strong medication to keep her alive. Unfortunately this stopped her breathing, so she was then put on a ventilator.

“Things were looking very serious so I started to use the Body Code™ to help. There were lots of hereditary emotions around the heart that needed clearing as well as disconnections in both directions from various parts of the heart. I think the final piece though was her spirit was only 20% in her body and as soon as that came back to 100% there was a dramatic change in her condition. They reduced her medication and she started to breathe by herself. They were then able to operate on her and now she is recovering well. I have kept checking her and found a ‘no will to live’ energy which I removed, as well as the physical trauma of the operation and some toxicity from the medications.

I only got the Body Code a few weeks ago, thank goodness I did!

~Mary Calvert, Cumbria, Great Britain

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