“Wow! There have been so many stories about using the Emotion Code®! This work has truly changed my life. When I attended The Emotion Code training, I felt such a sense of connection to it. I feel I have truly been looking for this work my entire life.”

This story happened within a week of attending The Emotion Code training:

“I got a call from a pregnant massage client I had worked with throughout the majority of her pregnancy. She called to cancel the massage because she got into a car accident and she had been slowly leaking amniotic fluid. She had no other symptoms and no contractions. Her midwife checked the vitals for the her and the baby, and thought it was safe to wait just a little bit. This client was scheduled for a water birth at a birth center. I remembered that her due date was a few weeks away so I asked what the midwives recommended. She was told if the baby didn’t come by that evening, she needed to go to the hospital the next morning. She intentionally didn’t want to give birth in a hospital. She was so sweet and asked how my recent Emotion Code training was as we had talked about it in-depth before I went to it. I told her it was amazing! I asked her if she’d be open to seeing if there might be Trapped Emotions we could release from the accident that might calm the stress and pressure she was feeling. She agreed that she wanted to definitely give it a try.

“I did not take notes for this session (which I regret) because I did it from the car by proxy during my son’s baseball practice. I will always remember it though. We released emotions from her, shared emotions between her and the other driver involved in the accident, and shared emotions between her, her husband and her daughter. (They were all in the vehicle at the time of the accident.) Then we released Trapped Emotions from her first birth. Because her husband had broken both of his arms a week before the birth, she did not think he could support her so she did not wake him when she went into labor. For a few hours, she called the doula (who never answered) and her homebirth midwife who finally arrived moments before the baby was born. She labored totally alone without a support system, so we released those emotions from the previous birth. We were finally ready to work on her current pregnancy. After clearing the Trapped Emotions affecting her, we cleared the baby’s emotions. Two I specifically remember were indecisiveness and shock. Once we cleared those, Jenny said, “Barb, I just had a contraction.” A few seconds later, Jenny said, “Barb, I just had another one.” The contractions came one after another after another. We ended our call so she could call her midwife and her son was born 3 hours later!”

~Barbara Silvester, California, USA

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